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Member's Exhibition 25th April – 19th May


Theme: Nature's Palette - see below.

Nature's Palette: Showcasing artwork inspired by the unique flora, fauna and inhabitants of South Australia, celebrating the beauty of the region's landscapes, still life arrangements, and portraits.

How does Nature's Palette speak to you?

Any medium permitted

There is a limit of 3 artworks per artist

Entries close Sunday the 14th of April 1pm. Please ensure that you bring in your entry form to the gallery by Sunday the 14th of April or email it to us at thank you.

Please add an under 50 word statement of how you have explored the theme. 

Work to be brought to the gallery on Sunday the 21st April after 1pm, but prior to 3pm.

The entry forms can be downloaded here.

Artwork labels can be downloaded here.

Competitions & Call out for Exhibition Entries

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